Builders Praise Cincinnati’s Visitability Efforts

Posted on: March 12th, 2015 by Brian Peters

Cincinnati enacted a Visitability standard and incentive in March 2014 by offering property tax abatement that builders praised.

A National Association of Home Builders official said Cincinnati’s efforts to promote “visitability” concepts in new single-family home construction could be a national model for builders….

Earlier this year, Cincinnati became the first large city in the country offering property tax abatement for including visitability features in new home construction, according to the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati. Woods said incentivizing buyers and builders is important in spurring interest to pursue these projects.

However, an AARP report has found that for those “voluntary” visitability efforts, “(t)he data available on visitability suggest that, as with affordable housing efforts, mandatory programs generally yield better results.  Compared with the estimated 30,000 visitable homes built under mandatory legislation, fewer than 1,300 visitable houses have been built under identified voluntary programs.”

It will be interesting to see how how many visitable homes are built in Cincinnati.

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